TOVA Community,

            I want to thank all who came out to a standing only crowd support Dr. Anderson at the 2017 SBA Awards at the DuPont Country Club, May 3rd.  As I stood on the podium to accept this prestigious award, I emphasized how vital small businesses are to improving the Economic Health of our Local Economy.  Small Businesses create jobs-period.  Almost half of the private sector workforce (49%) is employed by a small business- that's 120 million people in the U.S.

            Small Businesses also lead the way in product innovation and technology by producing patents that spur innovation - thus creating even more jobs.  Whether the business is in healthcare, which is one of the fastest growing job sector in the U.S., or the small mom & pop ice cream store in lower Delaware; the aggregate economic impact on our Delaware Economy tips the scales.

            For more information on launching your business go to, www.sba.gov.

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                                                           All the best, Dr. Nina
                                        2017 Delaware Woman-Owned Business of the Year

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