TOVA Healthcare areas of expertise include:


  • Chronic Care Management

    Our team of healthcare providers work personally with our clients to manage their overall healthcare needs.

  • Population Health

    Our goal is to improve health outcomes for the group through improved care coordination and client engagement.

  • Holistic Primary Specialty Care

    Our model of care values the clients as unique.

  • Blood Conservation & Bloodless Medicine

    TOVA provides care management consultations for clients who seek quality care without the use of blood products.

  • Sickle Cell Disease and Trait

    TOVA’s nationally recognized model provides holistic compassionate comprehensive care and outreach for our sickle cell warriors and their family.

  • Holistic Health

    TOVA offers holistic primary specialty care services that focus on improving access to care.

TOVA Healthcare utilizes a team of experts to conduct research in the following core areas:

  • Healthcare Utilization
  • Access to Care
  • Community-Based Outcomes Research


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TOVA is certified in the Small Business Administration Mentor Protégé program in a joint venture partnership with DVO Research.

Contact Us to inquire about our project and program development services aimed to help organizations expand service capacity and operations that are most efficient and cost-effective. 

TOVA has been named Delaware Woman-Owned Business of the Year.  


Chronic Diseases are costing the U.S. over $3.8 trillion dollars annually. Approximately, 90% of the nation’s healthcare costs are spent on chronic and mental health conditions. Expenses for health care are consuming a growing percentage of the states’ general funds.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) chronic disease management and preventive health maintenance programs have been shown to be successful cost-containment measures.  Our team has considerable expertise in chronic care management coordination, project development and strategic research, health education, models of healthcare delivery and clinical information systems. Contact Us to learn how our team can help improve your outcomes.