Sickle Cell Champion, Walter Brandon lost his life from complications of Sickle Cell Anemia and was one of the founders of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA) Del/Valley Chapter in Philadelphia that his wife Zemoria Brandon is the Director. I started working at the Marian Anderson Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center @ St. Christopher's Hospital in 2009, after he passed away. I would always hear patients, families and people in the community talk about Mr. Brandon and whished I could have met him. Mr. Brandon moved to Philadelphia, PA from Chicago, IL where he was recruited by the Director of the Sickle Cell program at St. Christopher's Dr. Carlton Dampier as the Social Worker of the sickle cell program. Sickle Cell Hematologist, Dr. Dampier heavily regarded Mr. Brandon and begged for him and his family to move to Philadelphia, PA after he finished Medical School and Residency at the University of Chicago.

Many patients and people in the community talked about his resilience and passion for giving back to children and families with sickle cell. Mrs. Zemoria Brandon (his late wife) shared with me that he was also social justice advocate for quality care programs and outreach for sickle cell. Even though he suffered from debilitating Avascular Necrosis of his Hips (bone rubbing on bone) and other complications as he got older, he came to work faithfully with his crutches. Mr. Brandon was at work where he suddenly collapsed and passed away.

17th Annual Walter Brandon Sickle Cell 5K Walk/Run Registration Opens @ 7am & Race Starts 8am Saturday, September 27th at Fairmount Park Sign-Up: www.sicklecelldisorder.com

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