A neighbor down the road from my home has a little produce stand  from her
garden every year.  There's a list of prices and on an honor system, there is a box to put in money
and the choice is yours.  Take your pick from tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, flowers, onions and more.   I love the entrepreneurial spirit of the neighbors but buying fresh and local produce means buying high quality nutrient dense food.  Could more neighbors even in urban neighborhoods (City of Wilmington) start their own Backyard Produce stands?  According to Down to Earth-Organic & Natural, fresher produce means better and more nutritious because fruits and vegetables lose their optimal nutritional value as soon as they are picked (2015). When picked, vitamins such as C, E, A, and some B vitamins begin to deteriorate and thus decrease their nutritional value.

        One thing for sure, on this busy road, many people stop by and pick up a few
fresh vegetables on the way to their final destinations. 

All the best, Dr. Anderson

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