Managing pain can be stressful and debilitating in itself.  Multiple things     can trigger pain.  For example, dealing with stress and anxiety, lack of sleep, tension, circulatory issues and constipation, just to mention a few.  As stressful events arise in our lives, we tend to hold on to that stress and tension in our bodies  that cause our muscles to become sore and tighten up over time.  The benefit  in massage therapy for self-care is that it plays a large roll in a holistic  approach to your overall medical care.  Massage therapy specifically works to lengthen   muscles that are stuck in a pattern of chronic shortening.  If you're worried about the cost of regular massage sessions, consider how costly  prescription drugs, doctor visits and surgeries may be once that nagging muscle ache  becomes a real functional problem.  Massages help reduce some of the key contributors that can cause pain crisis and eases chronic painful stimuli.  Just the simple form of touch helps release toxic chemicals, tension and stress from the body that have built up over time.  It aids in improving circulation that can assist in improving healing (from leg ulcers) due to poor blood flow and  circulation in persons with sickle cell anemia, lupus, diabetes etc.  One who    experiences painful crisis flare-ups, may want to consider this approach as a preventative measure that can assist in reducing frequent crisis and chronic pain.
        The good news is that Massage Therapy has no adverse side effects unlike narcotic (opioid) drugs.  Today, there are many options that allow one to have massages that are affordable in your budget.  The larger massage chain  companies have reduced rates that makes it more cost effective starting around $59.00 for one hour.  Also, you can always get session deals on Groupon  that offer first time client massages as low as $29.00 for an hour.  Massage is a     staple that  helps heal ones mind, body and spirit.  It allows the  body to relax and allows one to go into a meditation mode giving the body a flow of positive energy.  In this case an ounce of prevention through massage is worth more  than a pound of cure and it may cost less!  Schedule a Massage for your self-care in order to improve your overall health and wellness.  Make yourself a priority.
                                                              Taihitia Watson-Wilmer, Nurse Coordinator
                                               TOVA Community Health
                                                           Primary Specialty Care
                                                               (302) 429-5870 

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