Radio host, Tom Joyner founded a mass campaign called, “Take a Loved One to the Doctor” years ago which has helped many hesitant men get a    check-up.  The importance of preventative health maintenance is ever more  
important as the statistics show that the gender health gap has widened between the sexes.  According to the World Health Organization’s Global   Burden of Disease study, women tend to have a longer life expectancy than men.  Oftentimes, men do not like discussing their personal health issues with their loved ones and wait to seek care when the condition is in an advanced stage. There are many reasons and excuses given such as ‘they are always looking for something’ to delay going.  It is important to find a healthcare provider that he feels comfortable talking with about his personal health   concerns and is invested into helping him make strides towards living a healthy lifestyle. Once you have found a primary care provider, it is a good idea to help facilitate scheduling the appointment and completing the necessary paperwork.  
    It is also important to advocate by attending (or a family member)  the    appointment  to help bring out questions that he may not ask.  Before the    visit, get a copy of his medical summary which should include his current medicines.  Write down one to three questions that need to be discussed. Ensure him that going to the doctor is just a step towards living a healthier lifestyle.  Though it may be uncomfortable and invasive (like drawing blood), it can help prolong your man’s life.  Frankly, “Taking your Man to the       Doctor” is just worth the investment.  I declare, October as  Take Your Man to the Doctor Month.TM  Let’s Get Started!     

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