Silent Pain: A Sickle Cell Portrait

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        Since Sickle Cell Disease has been an 'unspoken' disease for such a long time, I asked a Medical Technology student at Howard High School in Wilmington, DE paint a portrait of her perception of Sickle Cell which was entitled, 'Silent Suffering.'  She has a friend who lives with sickle cell and spent time at the TOVA Sickle Cell Sickle Specialty Treatment Centerunderstanding the plight of adult care.  My hope is that the healthcare system will revolutionize sickle cell care to focusing and treating the WHOLE PERSON and not just focusing on the pain. 

       There was an article in the News Journal on 10/2/2016 Sunday which discussed the lack education, payment reimbursement and referrals for adjuvant treatment therapies to offer to persons who suffer with chronic pain like: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Meditation, Biofeedback, Acupuncture and etc.  My hope is that there will be a paradigm shift in the way that medicine is practiced which longs for a Holistic Comprehensive Care approach which also eases the burden of opioid use.
Silent Pain
 PORTRAIT of SILENT PAIN can purchased for $20.00 and proceeds go to the TOVA Fund

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