TOVA Sickle Cell Specialty Center will be relocating in June to Family Medicine at Greenhill in Wilmington Delaware. Due to failed negotiations since moving in at the Henrietta Johnson Medical Center c/o Southbridge Medical Advisory Council, a Federally Qualified Health Center, TOVA was unable to fully integrate services.
Sickle Cell Lives Matter TM
     We sincerely are saddened that this partnership was unable to work for many reasons. I still believe that comprehensive care services should encompass a team of healthcare providers who are willing to serve the sickle cell community. I want to thank my team for hanging in there despite not having adequate infrastructure to operate at full capacity. One-Stop-Shop access to high quality care requires a team of healthcare providers which include physicians, nurses, social workers, and community health educators all working together to improve patient health outcomes.

    TOVA’s mission is to provide Comprehensive Compassionate High Quality Care to persons with Complex Chronic Conditions like Sickle Cell Disease, which is historically underfunded. We encourage you all to contact your legislatures which includes: city council, county council, state legislature (state representative/senator), lieutenant governor, and governor to voice your concerns about the importance of equitable treatment and resources for sickle cell across the entire life span. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call. TOVA plans to expand their current programs and services with sustainable resources for the entire sickle cell community state-wide. TOVA’s aim is to help people “live well with sickle cell.

                                        We've Moved:   Sickle Cell Specialty Center
                                                           213 Greenhill Ave.
                                                       Wilmington, DE 19805
                                                       (302) 429-5870 ext. 120

                                                          All the best,  Dr. Nina

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