Sickle Cell Trait is no Joke:  Sickle Cell Trait-My Tragic Story
Sickle Cell Lives Matter TM
I received a medical discharge from the U.S. Army Reserves in 1992 and shortly after, received a letter from the Army informing that I have a fatal blood disease and I must see a doctor ASAP!   I was horrified and so confused.  I    made an appointment with the doctor and his words were “have you ever had pain constantly”?  And I replied “just mild pain in my legs and arms.  The doctor said, “you’re just a  sickle trait carrier and you have nothing to worry about.  Needless to say, I was thrilled and went on with life and never looked back until giving birth to my second child, I suffered       congestive heart failure.   No one really knew why.  My doctor told me not to get pregnant again because if this happens again, I may not pull through.  Later, I gave birth to my third child.  A week later, I had sickle pain crisis in both arms and legs.  I was in the ICU and had congestive heart failure again (fluid around my heart and lungs), high blood pressure and pneumonia.  I had to have a blood transfusion.  I was on oxygen and the doctors told my family that my organs may shut down if my condition continued to deteriorate.  Doctors had done all they could do, and my condition was not improving.  But GOD had other plans for me in this life and I pulled through this terrible ordeal.  And today, I live to tell my story about having the trait.  The truth is people can die from having the trait.   There have been those in the military and athletes who have died from the “sickle cell trait.”  These are the ones reported in the media.  I’m pretty sure there has been more cases.  When a person is over exerting their bodies, the body can be deprived of oxygen, and the red blood cells can take on the “sickled” shape.  Women can surely have complications during pregnancy and or after pregnancy if they have the trait.  Definitely more trait awareness and research is needed.   To read more about Tamika’s story go to, ssnaturalhealing.com. 
                                                         Tamika Mosely, Herbalist                                  

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