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           In the wake of the tragic death of Prince, we are forced to think about how chronic pain is treated.
How much is too much? Considering Prince was only 57 when he died and still performing was an
exceptional feat in itself. According to an article in the New York Times, Evidence has been
mounting that suggests that Prince started taking pain meds for hip pain and
became dependent on them."

It is alleged that music legend Prince had a history of hip problems and may have relied on
opioids (pain meds) to ease the pain. Did the pressure of being able to perform and please his fans
like he did in his 20s cross his mind as he was taking this medicine? As performers age, they may
not be able to tour and perform at the same level of intensity. The human body needs ample rest in
order to perform at its optimal level as we age. Musicians may need to modify their careers,
lifestyles, etc. in order to keep up with the demands of touring as they grow older. In addition,
many artists may feel that pain meds can relieve their symptoms when their bodies are in fact
letting them know that there may be other underlying problems. Pain is one of those signals that
the body uses to let the mind know that there is something wrong. In other words, pain medication
may serve as relief, but may not be a permanent solution to the problem.

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