The Proudford Foundation also hosted their 9th Annual Fundraiser 'Rockin the Red' in Baltimore, MD on September 18th and is another organization supporting Sickle Cell Awareness in the tri-state area.
William E. Proudford was a devoted family man, colleague, and friend who led by example, shared his joy, but never his sorrows; did not raise his voice above a whisper, and yet spoke with conviction. His calm nature and strong character brought out the best in every person he encountered. He had a love for learning all of his life and set an example of consistently searching for opportunities to enhance his personal development. While in the Air Force, he obtained his GED, became fluent in German and even took a course in Russian. After completing 24 years of service in the Air Force, he excelled at Delaware State College, graduating summa cum laude and earning membership in the top honor societies. An avid reader and fast learner, he went on to earn a Master's degree and to learn new skills throughout his life. Despite a number of physical challenges, including sickle cell disease, progressive and profound hearing loss, diabetes and kidney failure, he always maintained the quiet, unassuming and steady manner that made him the bedrock of his family.

Our Vision A World Without Sickle Cell Disease

Our Mission To support sickle cell awareness, education, state-of-the-art treatment and research, and to bring hope to families affected by this devastating disease

To learn more about the Proudford Foundation or make a Donation, go to www.wepsicklecell.org

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