My dogs, Theo & Junior get excellent Vet care.  The veterinarian office is accessible and just right down the street from my home.  The office is just 1/4 mile straight drive or walk down the road and the office is located on a huge plot of land that has a barn.  The practice was started by a veterinarian who built a small shed out the back of his house and grew the practice.  The original owner has since passed away but two of his children run the practice now and are veterinarians.  The practice offers preventative care visits, sick visits and sometimes even friendly curbside consults.  In all my years of accessing medical care, receiving an e-mail from my dog's doctor reminding me of his appointment tickled me.  I also wonder what would my care be like if the office was just within 1/4 mile walking distance from my home.   Recently, I received an e-mail reminder that Theo was due for a shot (vaccines) and a check-up! 

Dear Nina,

Our records indicate that Theo is due for the following:
7/7/15        Lepto Vaccine
Please call to schedule an appointment

Sincerely, The Staff at Red Lion Veterinary

**by the way, I scheduled a Saturday morning appointment**
Junior & Theo

Perhaps, the U.S. Healthcare system could take some tips from Veterinary Medicine.  What would I like in a primary care practice & provider:  accessible, within walking distance from my home, a healthcare provider to offer house calls on all of his/her patients and friendly reminders when check-ups are due.  Most importantly, the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with my healthcare provider without feeling rushed at the appointment.  My phenomenal family practice doctor recently retired after 32 years from practice, her name was Dr. Wollman. 
You will truly be missed! 

All the best, Dr. Nina

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