The anxiety and the normal doubt from the uncertainty one experiences when dealing with change is to be expected. Over the years in healthcare, technological advances along with Electronic Medical Records revolutionized care in a way no-one could ever imagine. In addition to TOVA moving to our new location at Family Medicine at Greenhill from Henrietta Johnson has been a challenge but surprisingly greater opportunities have presented itself.

     Dr. Edward Creagan from the Mayo Clinic stated that we can not keep change from happening but we can choose how we react and respond. In other words, we can invest our energy feeling sorry for ourselves or figure how to adapt and thrive. Oftentimes, there is a sense of a loss of control over a situation that we cant keep from happening. A few tips that have helped me along this journey are: replace fearful thoughts with positive thoughts, regular exercise can help you stay calm to make clear and rational decisions and lastly keep on grinding. Yes, change can be frightening. But the right attitude, outlook and actions can help you find opportunities within that change.
                                                                     All the Best,
                                                                        Dr. Nina

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Sickle Cell Specialty Treatment Center
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Wilmington, DE 19805
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