Most parents are happy to have their child return back to school but oftentimes their    children are dragging their feet and dreading going back to school.  The anxiety of the student and parent whose child has been a victim of bullying by their peers can be traumatic and inflict life-long emotional scars.  According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), school bulling is a form of youth violence that  inflicts  physical,   verbal or relational harm that causes damage to a person’s property.  Bullying can threaten a students’ physical and emotional health which may impact their ability to learn. Youths who may become a victim of bullying tend to be quiet, have poor self-esteem, shy and lack assertiveness. 
    It is important that your child feels comfortable talking about the problem.  Listen closely about what has been going on and assure him or her that you want to help.  Develop a Bullying Game Plan.  Give advice on ways your child may resolve the matter and teach them healthy Conflict Resolution skills.  Discuss the problem with the teacher, principal or school counselor and ask for help to mediate the problem.  Go to, tovacares.blogspot.com to read U.S. Department of Health & Human Services: Stop Bullying.


                                                       Has your child been a victim of Cyber Bullying?

                                                                              All the best,  Dr. Nina


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