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More people are exploring ways to find inner peace and well-being in these uncertain times.  Deepak Chopra, MD co-founder of the Center for Wellbeing and a world pioneer of integrative medicine defines Happiness as a state of well-being, joy and ease when you seem to be in the flow and things just happen. People who are Happy are more likely to be healthier, have      better relationships, do good/meaningful work and be successful at it.  When you get down to it, most people generally want peace, harmony, laughter and love which is a personal state of well-being.  Professor Jack Shonkoff, Professor at Harvard Medical School found that negative emotions can harm the body by altering the biological system that wears and tears on the body.  People who have chronic anger and anxiety can increase their risk of cardiac (heart) problems and trigger stress hormones that increase inflammation in the body.  

For those who are in a difficult place right now, both experts agree that change has to start with you.  When you are Happy, you tend to exert more positive energy.  That means when one person sees a problem-another sees the problem as an opportunity.  Practicing meditation and also working with a therapist can help one re-channel negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Experts also suggest that there are Keys to a Happier and Healthier life.  Here are few tips to help one take strides towards a better emotional balance:  live in the moment, find resilience, manage your energy, treat yourself well    sometime, venture outside your comfort zone and show compassion outwardly.  Start by making an appointment with your primary care provider to discuss your concerns and let your provider help coordinate your care.                                                                             
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