Being nominated for the 2018 NAACP Health Advocacy Award is quite an honor.  So many people know my trials and tribulations as a grass roots organizer whose treaded stormy waters in Delaware to increase  awareness of a Rare Disease sickle cell anemia that impacts so many.  Just when it seems that my efforts to improve access to high quality care in a collaborative effort in Delaware have withered, I get this awesome nomination.  For whomever pushed for my nomination, I truly say Thank You!  For Delawareans living with Complex Chronic Diseases such as Sickle Cell we have made an impact.  This will be a great day of celebration especially for all those who dedicate their lives fighting for social justice, economic inclusion, and health equity.  As a black american visionary with progressive ideologies, I pray that the many of the seeds that I have been planted will one day grow into strong- tall trees.  I say, the Future Looks Very Bright.
Named 2017 Small Woman-Owned Business of the Year

With deepest humility, Dr. Nina

TOVA Community Health
Primary Specialty Care
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