Today, as I was finishing up with a patient visit, the receptionist said, "Dr. Anderson you have a package at the front desk."  Not sure what that would be, I opened the door and found a balloon and a box of chocolates.  As you are aware, physicians and nurses have a high rate of suicide in the healthcare community that is often times unspoken (Pamela Wimble, MD  founder of idealmedicalcare.org)

  Working with the demands of administrative reports, billing, billing, billing and when billing for services are rejected, getting notices that you are not seeing enough patients makes the healthcare profession a stressful and sometimes feeling like your in a hostile environment.  Dr. Pamela Wimble, the founder of Ideal Clinics is a phenomenal physician  but is also an advocate of taking the factory worker assembly line practice out of medicine. 

   Dr. Pamela Wimble emphases the importance of finding your dream job and healthcare providers becoming healers for those in greatest need.. "Love, hope, dreams are fluffy words in medicine.  Not easily measured or reimbursed.  Not valued like GPAs and board scores.  Yet- in the end-your dream is the only thing that matters.  It's what tethers you here on earth."
  For information on Ideal Clinics go to, www.idealmedicalcare.org

  When a provider is not getting the support from other colleagues in a particular location or site, sometimes it is best to seek help from others and move on.  Dr. Pamela Wimble says, "you can't do this alone.. medicine is a team sport."  This kind gesture reminded me why I provide primary specialty care for those living with Sickle Cell Disease Anemia.  Sometimes, just getting a thank you from a patient means so much ...... Why am I doing this???

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