Some people are skeptical that religion or belief in a higher being can have any influence on a person’s health and well-being. Some studies have shown a connection between Spirituality and Health. According to FamilyDoctor.org, positive beliefs, comfort, and strength gained from religion, meditation, and prayer can contribute to healing and a sense of well-being. Having good Spiritual Health might not cure your physical health problems but it might help you handle the stress and underlying psychological problems that come with a chronic illness.

   So, what is Spirituality and Health? It’s a broad concept with different meanings for different people. In general, it’s a connection to something bigger than ourselves to keep one in balance and in harmony in their daily life. From the beginning of mankind, there has been a history of turning to a higher power for a person’s overall well-being.

   The University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing gives several reasons why spirituality is important for health. They note reflective practices are important because they take the focus off of self and place it elsewhere. This is helpful for mental health and accompanying physical health. The Center lists meditation, prayer, yoga, and journaling as helpful.  No matter your specific religion or faith, most of us believe in a higher power to which we can turn in times of stress and illness. However, spirituality may help to improve your physical health. If in fact, it can help a sick person feel better, then it is a good thing.

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