The University of Delaware article in the News Journal sites the ongoing struggle to recruit
and retain African-American students.  As an Alumni and one of the 5% who graduated with two degrees from the university, this journey was not easy.  There were many instances where students would stay to me "the only reason why you are here is because of Affirmative Action."   Never was there a mention that I was a good student who worked hard and earned a spot on the Women's Track & Field team.  And by the way, I  did not take a college Athletic Scholarship.  Let's be clear, the university does have a problem with recruiting, retaining and graduating African-American students for Decades!  In my opinion, the institution and the culture of the university needs to change from the Top-Down.  This will require former alumnae like myself, students and the community to engage in Town Hall meetings starting with the Interim President and the top administration.  One easy solution is to increase Faculty Diversity & Inclusion towards tenure track in the various colleges. 
     As African-Americans, there is always struggle for Diversity Inclusion in the Workplace, procurement of sickle cell research grants and contracts for small business owners in the health care sector.  The real question becomes whether your colleagues will ever Gain the same Respect for your work or even Value your Opinion as someone of another race or ethnic background?   One thing for sure, I received top-notched education from a very prestigious
university and graduated with a 3.0 GPA.
Former Track & UD Alumnae Dad-Phil Anderson & Me - Nina Anderson
The News Journal  July 26, 2015

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