A Legend in our Delaware Community Mr. Bob King
Accomplished Track Athlete, Retired Educator
Help to Found the Delaware Track Club 

  Community Gardening is starting to catch on in Delaware at our local community parks and lots.  A longtime gardener and friend of my belated father, Bob King has been Gardening as a Hobby for over 30 years at Bellvue State Park in Wilmington, DE.  Until about a few years ago, I had lunch at his home and asked Mr. King where he gets such local fresh vegetables for his famous collard greens and steam vegetable dishes.  Mr. King told me that he grows most of his produce from his garden    
I promised him that I would to stop by his plot and pick up some vegetables for myself and see what was going on at Bellvue State Park Community Garden.  When I spent the evening at the park with him, I noticed a number of  persons 50 years an older of all races socializing, helping each other out, sharing tools and working on their garden plots.  They seems to thoroughly enjoy the experience of being outdoors, taking pride from the fruits of their labor and most important the activity/exercise in working their gardens.  I have started a garden for the last 2 years (thanks to the inspiration from Mr. King) and have thoroughly enjoyed being outdoors, working on my little plot after a long day of work.  I can't say that I've  lost weight but have enjoyed creating healthy dishes and salads from my little bed in my backyard.  Only 6 more weeks of Winter! 

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All the best,
Dr. Nina

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