I  sent to me in a personal message from a phenomenal Psychologist, Dr. Renee Robinson. I worked with her at the Marian Anderson Sickle Cell program at St. Christopher‘s Hospital. I am also not ashamed to admit also getting free Therapy Counseling Sessions as well. Dr. Robinson has followed my career & struggles trying desperatively improve sickle cell awareness. Trying to set a Benchmark for quality of care for the adults in Delaware has been a serious struggle experiencing racism, sexism & other ‘isms’ along the way........ Much respect to one of my Counselors & Mentors. Best, Dr. Nina
“I look at you and I am very proud of you! After so many battles faced some lost, defeated others, I believe you are a warrior. You are standing there and with great faith, no one will bring you down because God is the one who sustains you, my warrior friend! HAPPY WOMAN WEEK! Send to the warrior women you admire!” Dr. Renee Robinson

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