The Delaware Medical Reserve Corps (DMRC) diabetes self-management program helps people to learn how to set goals for themselves. The class meets once a week for a few hours to talk about what diabetes is, healthy foods to eat, and different ways to get exercise. Everyone is paired with another person in the class so that they can have someone to talk to throughout the week. Many people find it helpful to be able to speak to someone who is going through the same thing they are and will reach out to their partner when they are having a hard time.

The class is not focused on forcing people to make huge changes overnight. Everyone speaks as a group about what they would like to change and the leaders of the class help them to break their big goals down into smaller goals; being unable to meet your goal is never looked down on. Instead everyone speaks as a group to help the person come up with things they think could help or a different goal altogether.
The leaders of the class are able to help teach people how to plan meals, better sleeping habits, ways to control feelings of hunger, and anything else someone might be having a hard time with. Rather than just telling people they need to change their ways this class helps each person figure out how to do that. The leaders see that everyone is different and are set on helping everyone succeed.
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Laura Kopach, UD Junior Nursing Student

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