Family-Centered Care in a ‘One-Stop Shop’

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Comprehensive Coordinated Family-Centered Care in a Medical Home

Comprehensive Coordinated Care in Family-Centered Medical Home is of great value to the client, family and the community. Building a relationship with your doctor and medical staff is ideal for optimal health and wellness. A personal established relationship with a provider is important for those who suffer from an acute or chronic disease(s). For the reason being that, the provider can advocate for the client and coordinate his/her healthcare needs. Family-Centered Medical Homes focus on caring for the whole person’s needs, as well as the individuals in their family circle.Flexibility and accessibility to care are key reasons why clients want to receive their primary care in a Medical Home practice.

They often have flexible and expanded hours by staying open after 5:00 pm and are open up on
Saturdays. In addition, clients who have debilitating illnesses and are unable to make it into the office, a medical home can still help to meet their healthcare needs. Clients are able to have access to a patient portal in order to communicate with medical staff. In addition, medical home practices may offer telemedicine visits and make referrals for home visits. Medical Homes also have laboratory hours for blood work, on-site specialty services like Podiatry (Foot Doctor) and link clients to other resources. Furthermore, by providing accessibility to the client, this too can help reduce non-emergency visits to the hospital Emergency Room.

Comprehensive Coordinated Care in a Family-Center Medical Home is a ‘One Stop Shop’,
focusing on each person’s unique needs and providing care through all stages of life. Overall, these practices aim to provide personal and culturally effective care with compassion.  For more information visit, www.aafp.org.     
                                                                             Taihitia Watson-Wilmer, Nurse Coordinator

TOVA Community News
We now offers Telemedicine visits through FMG for our clients
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