Tova Community,

I appreciate the collective efforts and support for all who came out to support Sickle Cell Awareness in Delaware last Saturday, September 13, 2014 at Brandywine Park. In all of my professional career, I never seen such recognition from a disease that was oftentimes unspoken of. Today, thanks to better awareness and management of sickle cell, people are living long quality of lives. One of the gentleman in the 5K was a patient of mine who is 73 years of age and completed the 5K walk and won in his age group! Also had another patient with severe avascular necrosis of both hips (bone rubbing on bone) walked the entire 5K in honor of sickle cell. He completed the entire 5K race in pain but wanted to accomplish this goal. We will continue to soldier on in the fight but the future for Sickle Cell in Delaware and around the nation and world is looking bright! I encourage all young adults and adults to utilize the Sickle Cell Medical Home.

All the best, Dr. Anderson

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