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                             Tip #1       Brush your Teeth 2x/day for 2 minutes
An article in WebMD by Kathleen Doheny notes the link between dental health and heart health is not completely clear, but states it is important to take care of both. The main reason poor dental health might be related to heart disease is inflammation. Inflammation is a common problem in both diseases-heart & dental disease. In the heart – hardening of the arteries has a strong component of inflammation. Much of the progression of plaque (buildup in the arteries) is due to inflammation.
               Tip #2          Get Regular Check-Ups at the Dentist at least 2x/year
According to Ann Bolger M.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, “The mouth can be a good warning signpost, People with periodontitis often have risk factors that not only put their mouth at risk, but their heart and blood vessels too.” A research study by B. Laurence, from Howard University College of Dentistry, and Haywood, and Lanzkron from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, found that among patients having a sickle cell crisis, the ones who had dental infections were 72% more likely to be admitted to the hospital for crisis compared to those not having dental infections. 
                                                 Tip #3    Floss Daily
Patients with sickle cell disease already endure innumerable hospital Emergency Department visits and hospital admissions. If in fact, not having dental infections can lessen the likelihood of being admitted, it is definitely an area of focus for patients and providers.
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