Sharing you a Clip from Senior Nursing Students at Delaware Tech Community College for students who selected Sickle Cell Trait Awareness for their Community Health Project.  I am so proud that these brave nursing students who wanted to increase awareness about Sickle Cell Trait with their professors and colleagues at  the community college. 
   Topics as  Exertional Rhabdomyolosis and the Inheritance Pattern were a little bit more challenging but they provided the necessary information (pamphlet) about the symptoms and the importance of rest, staying well hydrated  and when to seek emergent care.   I had the honor to meet one of the nursing instructors at the college.  The instructor thanked me for the information on Sickle Cell Trait Awareness for Student Athletes.  She will incorporate Sickle Cell Trait Awareness into her lectures for the next class of students.  All Student Athletes, especially those who have Sickle Cell Trait, should be informed! 
            Here is the video from the Delaware Tech Nursing Presentation. ENJOY!

All the best,
   Dr. Anderson

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