Dr. Anderson, Senator Hall-Long, State Rep. Boulden & Senator Rose-Henry
   The Complex Chronic Disease Task force launch its 1st meeting in October 2015 to increase awareness and improve access to high quality care for complex chronic conditions like Sickle Cell Disease Anemia, Obesity, Diabetes and Parkinsons Disease.  Sickle Cell Disease is a lethal blood disorder that oftentimes healthcare providers are not aware of the complications such as leg ulcers, blindness, pulmonary hypertension, avascular necrosis (bone rubbing on bone) of the hip, chronic pain, chronic kidney disease and etc directly affected by the 'sickling' of the blood cells.  When there is a lack of oxygen to blood vessels, tissues and organs-multi organ failure and other complications can occur.  Bringing together stakeholders aims to strategically explore innovative ways to fund programs and research for Sickle Cell and other marginalized patient populations.
   What would I like to see?  The awareness that Sickle Cell is a Chronic Disease and should be given that same access to resources to improve quality of care.  Although 30% of adults live with Chronic Pain every day of their lives, comprehensive-preventative-holistic ongoing care may improve outcomes long-term.  What continually seems to miss the conversation and traditional media outlets is the disparaging amounts of funding and resources that go to children and the dire need bridge the gap in the transition process into adult care. Most important, will local institutions and organizations collectively share, align and pull their resources together to benefit a person with Sickle Cell Disease or other vulnerable populations across a persons Lifespan?
    I want to thank the 'Dynamic Trio Team' lead by Senator Margaret Rose-Henry, Senator Bethany Hall-Long and State Representative Stephanie Boulden for chairing the Task Force.  The report from the Complex Chronic Disease Task Force will be completed by May 2015 and recommendations will be made to the Governor's office.

All the best,  Dr. Nina

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