I had the honor of serving on the Pfizer Council for Change committee with passionate healthcare providers, patients and advocates working tirelessly to set the bar high for increased awareness, research and care for persons living with sickle cell anemia.  Our goal is to improve access to optimal care for persons in crisis, understand the landscape of specialty care across the country and identify where the gaps are.  There is so much work to be done.  I want to personally thank my colleagues, committee chair, Dr. Wally-Smith and the entire the Pfizer team for championing forward this vital effort. 

    Click below to review the, Sickle Cell Disease Council For CHANGE Report:  Improving Vaso-occlusive Crisis Management (June, 2018)


    Pfizer Rare Disease supports the mission of the Sickle Cell Disease Council For CHANGE and has provided financial support for their meetings and this report. Pfizer colleagues have contributed to the content in this report in partnership with the members of the Council For CHANGE, but Pfizer does not have editorial control over or responsibility for its final content.

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