Taking a Crack at Gardening again,

      Studies show that Gardening can improve your overall health, save money, and help you get happy.  This is my 3rd year of Gardening and my tomato plants, cucumber and peppers are starting to ripen.  This year, I also planted a row of fresh herbs:  cilantro, chives, parsley, oregano and etc.  However, I can not seem to be able to grow Cilantro.  I followed instructions on You Tube by trimming the flowering stems and even received some tips from a lady at the Farmer's Market recently.  But to no avail.  My grandmother's family were farmers up until the early 1990s and my mother had a garden out back almost every summer.  Unfortunately, I do not have a 'Green Thumb' for taking care of my inside nor some of my outside plants.

Dr. Nina's Garden
                    Can anyone tell me the best way to grow Cilantro?

                                           All the best,  Dr. Nina

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