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 TOVA Community, 

        I received this e-mail last week from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.  I have an uncle who is serving time in prison for a rap sheet to long to write in this blog.  Nevertheless,
my uncle suffers with Mental Illness (Alcohol and Drug Abuse) and also lives with Heart Disease, Diabetes. 
He asks me to pick out items for his care packages but these snacks are heavy in carbs and simple sugars!
For inmates who have chronic conditions, there is a limited supply or healthy option items to choose from.  If an inmate has a diagnosis of Diabetes, there should be at least 10-12 items on the list which should in include fresh fruits, vegetables and other  healthy snacks
         For now, I will continue to do my best to pick high carb and sugary snacks that are 'somewhat healthy' and hope for the best.    Dr. Nina

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