TOVA Portrait
Sickle Cell  Tears
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   A student at Howard High School in Wilmington, DE in the TOVA Volunteer program was asked by Dr. Anderson to draw a picture of her interpretation of Sickle Cell Disease Anemia.  Interestingly, the picture depicts three young ladies who appear to be talking about  the debilitating nature of sickle cell.  This causes the young (appears to be) Caucasian girl to cry sickle cell tears.  Oftentimes, people with sickle cell and especially teenagers do not talk about their disease with their peers.  Yearning to fit in and be normal is a great feat.  However, this young lady with her beautiful black hair (with scattered sickle cells) is educating her friend about sickle cell.  Her friend appears to be crying tears of sickle cell.  The other young girl is listening on with a compassionate heart.  That being said, I urge my patients to share with their peers and colleagues about Sickle Cell Disease and refrain from keeping silent.  If people with Sickle Cell Disease do not open up and share, then the campaign for more public awareness will be in vain.  You can make an Impact if you just open up-Don't be Afraid.

Copies of the portrait can be purchased for $20.00.  A portion of the proceeds will go to support the TOVA General Fund which provides medical and financial support to families living with Sickle Cell Disease.

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