This was a comment that was sent from Facebook in response of our former Heisman Trophy winner  Rasaan Salaam who left this earth too early.  Please, Please, Please do not suffer with Depression in silence.


  Seek help by making an appointment with your primary care provider or  a licensed health professional:  nurse, social worker, behavioral health specialist or psychologist, psychiatrist).  Fonda Bryant is testimony that one can break down the walls of Stigma and receive care that saved her life. Thanks Fonda for sharing your powerful testimony.  The TOVA Community is forever grateful!
Fonda Bryant
December 30 at 3:56am
As a culture and as a society, we have to start talking more about mental health and busting down the walls of stigma. Something people don't understand, a LOT of these athletes had a mental condition long before they came into the league, especially in the black culture. We have been taught to get help for a mental condition is a sign of weakness, we don't need help, and it's a white person thing. From the religious side, you have pray about it, don't claim it or give it to God. I was 35, when my depression finally got so bad, I almost took my own life. I didn't want to die, I just wanted the pain to go away. The sad thing, I didn't know until I went into a mental facility that depression ran on both sides of my family. We didn't talk about mental health much and when we did, it was always in a negative manner. I don't smoke, drink or have never done drugs, I was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance. Thank goodness, my aunt heard my cry and I got the help I needed. Today, I am a passionate advocate for mental health, speaking for those who are ashamed to get the help. I am not ashamed to tell my story if it will help others. 117 AMERICANS die DAILY to suicide, that 819 a WEEK, 3,270, a MONTH, and that's not including the 22 veterans that die daily. the 2nd leading cause of death for young people ages 10-24, is SUICIDE, 2nd leading cause of death on college campuses is SUICIDE, with 1100 college students a year, 10th leading cause of death is the US, more people die by suicide in this country than car death and homicides combined, every 12.8 minutes. Where is the outcry?! The CDC released the suicide stats this year, suicide is at a 30 YEAR HIGH. It's called the "Silent Epidemic," with 90% of people who take their own life have a mental condition at the time of their death. STIGMA is the #1 reason why people don't get help for their mental condition. Society makes US feel ashamed of something we can't help. The brain is an organ just like our heart, kidneys and lungs. It's the most powerful organ and it can get sick too. To many of these athletes are suffering in silence as well. Football is a violent and brutal game. The saying, "Mentally TOUGH" is used all the time. For a player to let anyone know that they are dealing with a mental condition could end their career, or make them look weak even though the NFL is doing a little better with dealing with mental health. CTE is a growing problem but they need to make athletes comfortable enough to get help for their mental condition, so things like this won't keep happening. Also, society needs to get educated on mental health and the warning signs of suicide. The more educated you are the more you can spot the signs of suicide and save a life.

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