I thought it would be valuable for the DHAs' stakeholders to hear the perspective from a consumer who suffers with Complex Chronic Conditions- Sickle Cell Disease, Asthma, Degenerative Disc Disease and Chronic Pain and utilizes the hospital system for sickle cell crisis and other complications.  By the way, this patient has 'private' insurance.

Re: "The Delaware Healthcare Association Conference, which was held on October 31, 2017, was an interesting and enlightening day session of information.  It consistently highlighted the positive and negative aspects of an already volatile relationship between the federal government, state governments, healthcare providers/professional across the U.S., and medical patients.  This was shown through the presentation of many different legislative bills, which affect the healthcare industry.  The presented bills have either been passed, thrown out, or tabled. 

On another positive note, the DHA Conference was a great platform for many different businesses.  All of these different companies, that were at the conference, were both in the healthcare field and non-healthcare professions.  The conference allowed them to advertise, sponsor, and co-mingle all other businesses and participants at the DHA Conference.  These allowed for all the businesses to bring awareness their cause, to network, and offer their services to people who may have never known or had access to their business.  Overall, the conference was a success in providing a networking platform, healthcare education, and possible new services to many different people."
The Delaware Healthcare Association was formed in 1967 to assist Delaware hospitals in working on issues concerning health care and the hospital industry.  The primary role of the Association is to serve as a leader in the promotion of effective change in health services through collaboration and consensus building on health care issues at the State and Federal levels.  Delaware Hospital Association
Despite the challenges from the hospital systems and regulatory bodies, it is clear that healthcare costs are rising steadily and are unsustainable.  It is my hope that public policy, bureaucrats and healthcare administrators will put on the table the client/patient and value of a highly skilled and trained healthcare workforce. 
                                                     In Service, Dr. Nina

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