Taking a Breather from all the Scientific Research talks
Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, FL near Miami

   I attended the 9th Annual Sickle Cell Research Conference near Miami, FL to hear talks from renown researchers, clinicians and policy makers from all over the world!  Having served the sickle cell community for over 16 years, I am glad to report that Pfizer has a new drug in a Phase 3 Clinical Trial called, Rivipansel (GMI 1070), showing excellent results for reducing sickle crisis and Acute Chest given in the ER.  My former colleagues, Dr. Syvamuthy and Dr. Shaffer (from the Marian Anderson Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center-St. Christopher's Hospital) are leading this charge for this clinical trial around the country.  There is also another small Bio-Tech company reporting promising results a protein molecule, L-glutamine which blocks sickling of the red blood cells by increasing the oxygen capacity inside the blood cells. 
Miriam Gilday, NP., Nkechi Mba, MD., Dr. Nina Anderson, Krupa Syvamuthy, MD
 and top Frank Shaffer, MD

    Excitingly, new opportunities for funding by the NIH (National Institute of Health) also aims to improve access to hydroxyurea and high quality care for adults with sickle cell anemia.  As often shared by adult sickle cell providers, the access to hematologists, internal medicine doctors and nurse practitioners who are experienced in caring for adults are lacking.  Excitingly, I ran into another former colleague of mine (at the Marian Anderson Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center and world-renown researcher in Acute Chest Syndrome (Bad Bad Pneumonia) & hematologist, Dr. Lewis Hsu.  He is the author of Hope and Destiny, Jr., in which I was honored to received a signed autographed copy!  He shared with me about a research his project is collaborating on aimed to educate nurse practitioners and family practice doctors in the Chicago, IL area. Go check out his book that can be ordered on Amazon.com.
Lewis Hsu, MD, PhD., Author of Hope and Destiny, Jr.  Dr. Hus now works at a Children's
Hospital in Chicago

   Obviously, there is movement and progress for less risk transplant options, a cure and disease modifying therapies to improve quality of life for people suffering with Sickle Cell Disease Anemia.  For the first time in 100 years, there will be a new drug moving towards FDA approval that was developed just for Sickle Cell Disease Anemia- Thanks GlycoMimetics, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and the NIH!
TOVA Abstract

Ref.: Ms. No. JSCDH-D-15-00025
Access to a Multidisciplinary Substance Use Disorder Pain Management Program
Submitted to the Journal of Sickle Cell Disease and Hemoglobinopathies

Dear Dr. Nina Anderson,

I am pleased to tell you that your abstract has been accepted for poster presentation at the 9th Annual Sickle Cell Disease Research and Educational Symposium and 38th National Sickle Cell Disease Scientific Meeting, April 10 - 13, 2015 in Hollywood, Florida.


All the best, Dr. Anderson

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