Reckoning with COVID-19 and ensuring   access to care at the right place and right time is evermore pressing!  Did you Know, African-Americans are more likely to have underlying medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity and are less likely to have a primary care provider.  Another  element of concern is that African-Americans and Hispanics are  more likely to suffer poor outcomes from the coronavirus and are less likely to be insured.  Having a relationship with a  primary care provider is important for access to preventative health care which can help manage medical conditions in order to help  individuals live a healthy life.  During the      pandemic, our practice  quickly mobilized and switched  to telemedicine visits (virtually) with the  aim to flatten the COVID-19 curve, use protective equipment judiciously, offer flu and coronavirus screenings  and all the while continuing to keep office hours available.  As we reckon with this  historic pandemic, access to preventative health visits for blood pressure & weight (BMI) checks, diabetes and  cholesterol screenings are  ever more important.   At the very least, Know your  Numbers!         
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                               Dr. Nina
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