Are you unemployed or underemployed in Delaware and looking for a job IN 2014? How about a career as a Paramedic? A Paramedic is a trained medical professional who responds on the scene to emergencies to stabilize a person until they can be treated at a local hospital. Some Firefighters are also trained Paramedics and utilize their skills to provide Basic and Advanced Life Support measures in life threatening emergencies on the scene after 911 call is made. Delaware Tech Community College offers an Associates’ Degree and the only state program recognized by the Office of Emergency Medical Services. The Department of Labor estimates the number of paramedic jobs is expected to rise 33% in the U.S. and Delaware expects to increase the numbers by 20% by 2020. Training and education also allows for ‘realistic simulated’ classroom experience where students are offered a more hands-on scenarios using high-tech equipment and computerized patients in the training program. Vice President of Delaware Tech states, ‘paramedic is a demanding field, physically and mentally.’ Are you up for the challenge? Go forth! News Journal, Saturday, January 1, 2014, “Training life-savers lifelike conditions for students” , Nichole Dobo.

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