Sickle Cell Anemia is oftentimes an “Unspoken Disease” and people in the community may not know their friend, loved-one or colleague is suffering from this Debilitating Chronic Medical Condition. Not being able to understand this mind-set baffles how one can increase Sickle Cell Awareness if people start do not start talking and sharing their battles, struggles and experiences. There was a TV Show called, In Sickness and In Health, featured on TV shed light about a young lady’s struggles to tell her fiancé about Sickle Cell before they wed. Besides, ‘Junior’ there are not many celebrities that have used their status to bring attention to Sickle Cell Awareness. How can this be done? The legacy left from those who championed Sickle Cell Anemia during the Civil Rights Movement may not all be here today but a new generation of leaders has to emerge. Thanks Junior for opening up. Let’s Keep it Movin! Check out the link at Howard University Health Sciences Media “Junior” from Steve Harvey Morning Show Reveals Sickle Cell Secret by Erica Adkins

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