Are you afraid of needles or cringe when you have to get an injection or needle?   Do you suffer from Needle Phobia?  Well, Help is on the Way.  A ER Pediatrician named Dr. Amy Baxter  has won a $1 million grant to study a product  that disrupts pain signals called, “Buzzy.”   The Buzzy prototype operates on the “Gate Control” theory which interrupts pain signals traveling up the spinal cord to the brain.  It also distracts and numbs the pain from the cool speed vibrations.
    “The vibrating bee attaches to thin ice packs that look like wings and then is placed above the location of the pain. The vibration also dilates nearby veins, Baxter says, making it easier to stick a needle in successfully.”


    Over the past year, the 4-year-old company’s sales nearly tripled, Baxter says
“We haven’t advertised,” she says. “It’s really been patients telling other patients, and moms telling other moms.”   Buzzy is available on:   buzzy4shots.com and Amazon.com.

                                                           Why not, Check It Out!

Re-Blogged from NPR News:  “An Innovation for Pain Relief That’s Worthy of Some Buzz”
   by Emily Stiner

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