Over the years, TOVA has hosted Sickle Cell Blood Donor drives to improve the diversity of the blood supply- especially for patients with blood disorders who need regular transfusions. One of my patients has severe antibodies and can only get genotyped matched blood. Otherwise, he may experience a life threatening transfusion reaction and his body might attack the donor’s blood as foreign. Though there are many reasons for which some communities such as Hispanics & African-Americans are hesitant to donate, many lives are saved every day. Though less than 1% of African-Americans donate blood, they are likely to be an ideal match for persons living with sickle cell anemia. Blood transfusions are life sustaining in chronically transfused patients. For every 1 unit of blood donated, 3 lives are saved! Blood donation is simply a practice of love. For more information about Blood
                                                                                    Donors, go to tovacares.blogspot.com.
                      www.weloveuusa.org      delmarvablood.org     redcrossblood.org

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