Tova Community Health is hosting the 3rd James Faucett III Sickle Cell Awareness 5K and 1 Mile Walk/Run on Saturday, September 13, 2014-registration opens at 9:00am and race starts promptly at 10:00am. The race will be held at Brandywine Park by the Zoo in Wilmington, DE. Sickle Cell Disease affects the blood cells ability to carry oxygen throughout the body. Under certain conditions, these blood cells sickle or change shape which causes excruciating pain and over time may cause damage to the major organs, vessels and joints. About 1 in 10 African-Americans and 1 in 100 Hispanics carry the Sickle Cell Trait and trait carriers can pass Sickle Cell Disease onto their children. James was a devoted-loving husband, father and a friend to so many people in Delaware. James’s vision was to increase awareness about this brutal and debilitating disease and have a ‘fun filled’ event to bring Delawareans together to educate them about an unspoken and debilitating disease. Proceeds will benefit adults and their families living with Sickle Cell Disease in Delaware.

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