Have you thought about Mindful Meditation? Meditation is a state of thoughtful self-awareness in the mind & body in which the body is in a profound state of peace & calmness. I actually took a Meditation class because my sister Rachel meditates every morning before she goes to work. She’s a Middle School Language Teacher! Anyone who is a teacher knows that middle-school is a challenging age group to teach. But, Rachel always appears in a clam state of mind. Initially, I had some reservations about taking the class but was willing to try anything to help me learn to relax. Unwillingly, I learned the ‘basics’ of this practice from a wonderful Yoga & Meditation instructor. Meditation taught me how to re-channel my nervous energy & put me in a more relaxed state of mind. Leaving the class left me refreshed but in order to maintain this sense of calmness during everyday challenges requires work and practice. Russell Simmons, the entertainment mongul is a Buddhist & practices Trancendental Meditation. According to Global Grind, meditation allows the “thinking mind to effortlessly settle down and experience the transcendent-the field of silence within.” Health benefits of meditation increase with regular practice such as: infertility, pain, blood pressure, immunity and ect. Why not try Meditation and make it apart of your overall mind, body, and spiritual wellness?

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