Tova Healthcare, LLC utilizes a team of subject matter advanced practice nurse experts as consultants for medical and legal advice in a variety of specialties including:

• Chronic Disease Management
• Population Health
• Hematology
• Blood Conservation & Bloodless Medicine
• Sickle Cell Disease
• Sickle Cell Trait

Tova Healthcare, LLC continues to expand our list of advance practice nurses whom are highly-skilled and trained in many clinical areas to meet our clients’ needs. Contact us to inquire about joining our team of healthcare professionals.

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Chronic Diseases are costing the US over 1.4 trillion dollars annually. Approximately, 83% of healthcare costs are spent on chronic diseases. Expenses for health care and Medicaid are consuming a growing percentage of the states’ general funds. Medicare accounts for approximately 22% of health care expenditures and 32% of states expenditures. According to the Centers of Disease Control, chronic disease management and prevention programs have been shown to be successful cost-containment measures.


Our team has considerable expertise in chronic disease management for nurse care coordination, strategic project development, delivery system design, self-management education, models of healthcare delivery and clinical information systems. Contact us about how these healthcare professionals can help improve your clients’ outcomes.