Letting Go is Letting Grow

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Fall is just around the corner and the summer always seems to go by  quickly.  A new chapter in your child’s life is beginning whether it is going off to       Kindergarten or College.  A parent’s anxiety can be quite overwhelming. We all want to protect our children as much as we can and strive for them to achieve their best.  Most challenging is when your child is moving out and  going off to college.  A psychologist would always say that, Letting Go is Letting Grow.”  As the cost of college increases and stakes are higher, we still must allow our children to find their place and know that we are still there for them.  Be encouraged that the foundation you have set for the first 18 years will follow them throughout their lives.  College is a time to explore new ideas and opportunities in life, mature and learn about themselves.  Keep in mind that their journey may take different paths.  Be supportive and keep the lines of communication open.  

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